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Meet Our Team

Our language teachers are passionate about helping you achieve your communication goals.

About Lingobility

The enthusiasm, passion, and dedication of a teacher makes the world of a difference in language learning.


For this reason, at Lingobility we've carefully and intentionally assembled a team of teachers who are not only knowledgeable but also prioritize a positive learning environment that can help motivate you to learn at your best.

All our classes are customized for every student, whether that be for lessons on writing, speaking, reading, listening, business English, accent reduction, or test prep, as we understand that every student has different needs, preferences, and learning styles.

Founder Eric Gellbert of Lingobility: lessons with expert tutors in English, French, and more.

Eric Gellert, Founder

Business development lead Amna of Lingobility: lessons with expert tutors in English, French, and more.

Our Business Development Lead

Amna is a second-year Law student who has worked at Lingobility since last winter. Using her business knowledge from her undergraduate studies and experience with graphic design, she is working as our social media coordinator and graphic designer, in addition to helping manage some of our business development projects and interns. 

Our Teacher Team

Our talented team, skilled in teaching English, French, Spanish, and more, is dedicated to providing top-notch language instruction tailored to individual needs. Here's a snapshot of the diverse skills and specializations they bring to the table:

Our instructors are enthusiastic about helping students enhance their communication skills. They are proficient in a broad array of areas such as Business English, French conversation for both Quebecois French and international French, the Spanish language, Cambridge Assessment, IELTS, TOEFL, CELPIP, writing, editing, ESL for francophones and German speakers, grammar, and speaking.

With varied and extensive teaching experiences, our teachers are adept at creating customized learning experiences. Whether it's developing communication programs for businesses, or handling diverse age groups and proficiency levels, they cater to a wide variety of learning needs.

Many of our teachers hold valuable qualifications and certifications, including degrees from recognized universities, TEFL certifications, and other specialized qualifications in teaching English, French, Spanish and more.

They employ unique approaches to teaching languages, ranging from a conversational themes, vocabulary and pronunciation practice, grammar exercises, and developing comprehension skills. They're also adept at using a student's first language as a bridge to learning new languages, ensuring an effective and comfortable learning process.

Above all, our teachers are passionate and encouraging, providing a supportive environment that builds confidence and self-reliance. They specialize in areas such as conversational skills, exam preparation, confidence building, casual conversation, and business language training.

Our goal is not just to teach languages, but to empower you in your journey of language progress. No matter your language goal or your current level, we have the right teacher to guide you there.

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