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5 Reasons Why Language Learning is More Important Than Ever for Professionals in the Workplace

Updated: May 4, 2023

Fluency in multiple languages is super important nowadays, especially in the workplace. It’s not just a fancy bonus anymore–it’s actually become a necessary skill-set that can help you stand out from others in your field. In an increasingly diverse and international economy, the ability to speak multiple languages gives you a major advantage over those who can only speak one. Regardless of whether you’re a bigshot CEO, a marketing whiz, a sales exec, or a customer support agent, having strong language skills will definitely help you get ahead in your career. So let’s check out five reasons why learning a new language is more crucial than ever for professionals who want to take their careers to the next level.

1. Knowing how to speak a colleague’s or customer’s native language helps you build trust, rapport, and mutual understanding. This can be particularly helpful when negotiating a sales contract, collaborating with partners, or managing a team. Plus, it helps you dodge cultural faux pas and misunderstandings that could delay projects or have an unproductive impact on work-based relationships. At the end of the day, knowing many languages helps you create strong relationships that are based on respect and empathy, and ultimately helps you achieve your work-related goals.

2. More specifically, language learning can boost cultural awareness and intercultural competence. These are crucial skills that can help you communicate and connect with people from all walks of life, as well as to respect and celebrate cultural differences. By speaking different languages, you get to explore and appreciate the nuances and subtleties of these languages and cultures from which they sprung. This priceless knowledge can make you more versatile and adaptable to various business environments worldwide.

3. Moreover, language learning is a shrewd way to increase your value at your current company as well as your employability in the future. These days the demand for professionals who can adeptly navigate cultural intricacies and communicate in a diverse range of scenarios is skyrocketing, particularly in careers like international business, diplomacy, and law.

Speaking more than one language is a power move. It lets you expand your network and build better relationships with customers, other professionals, and colleagues. No matter what your ambitions are, whether it’s a dream job, a promotion, or to run a business, getting better at a language will unlock a ton of opportunities and help you get where you want to go.

The World Economic Forum came out with a fascinating article that reveals that 10% of Switzerland's GDP is due to its multilingualism. With Switzerland having four national languages, it's no wonder that the country fosters an environment that supports acquiring language skills, especially for business professionals. This just goes to show that investing in language skills in their workforce can bring a ton of rewards.

4. Another advantage of increasing your language skills is that you can seriously up your communication game. Not only will you learn new words and grammar rules, but you’ll be able to speak more clearly, confidently, and efficiently. Even your listening skills can get better, as you’ll be able to better understand what others are saying and avoid those pesky miscommunications. When you’re multilingual, you can adjust your tone and style to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds. Whether you're chatting with your boss, coworker, or a new friend, picking up a new language can be a game-changer

5. Last but not least, learning a new language can help one grow as a person by giving your brain a workout, broadening your horizons, and boosting your memory. Research has shown that bilingual people have better cognitive flexibility, problem-solving skills, and memory retention than those who only speak one language. According to a study from Knowable Magazine called How a Second Language Can Boost the Brain, learning a new language can also stave off age-related cognitive decline and improve brain plasticity, making you more adaptable to new situations and challenges. So not only will you grow professionally, but you'll also increase your chances of better brain health.

At Lingobility, we get it: in this day and age, language learning is crucial for business professionals. That's why we’re here to help with our customized language training programs that are designed to meet your unique needs and goals. Our online language school makes language learning accessible and convenient, so you can learn at your own time and in your own space. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with Lingobility today and start learning a new language that’ll take your career to the next level.

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