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Teacher Reviews


Emilie Racine, Strategy & Production Director, Feeling by Mathieu Caron, 2021

"Working with Eric and his team every week is a real pleasure. My English level improved quickly and as I learned, I developed a friendship with my teachers. They are organized, flexible and always on time! With them you will learn in a safe and non-judgmental environment. They will give you the confidence and assurance you need to express yourself in English. I warmly recommend them! Eric, Sabrina, thank you for everything!"

"I am very happy with my classes so far, and find that my teacher, Isabelle, is very accommodating to my needs as a language learner."

Yeona Lee, Customer Care Specialist, 2022

"You're the main reason I was fortunate enough to pass my exam"

Angela Gurreri,

Teacher, 2018

"I can confidently say that my one-on-one sessions with Eric and Lingobility have been the best investment I have made towards my education and future. After attending a writing workshop Eric gave, I started weekly tutoring sessions with him and have since noticed an incredible improvement in my writing skills. His passion, curiosity, and knowledge about the English language, his ability to customize each session for my needs and requests, and his talent in enlivening relatively dense material contribute to his excellence in teaching. Each class builds on the previous ones, all of which have increased my proficiency in crafting grammatically sound, efficient, and clear sentences. I learned the rules, tools, and tricks to analyze sentence structures and refine my writing style. If you want to become a better writer, I encourage you to book a session with Lingobility."

Demi Vrettas, Applied Researcher, Qualitative Analysis, 2021

"My English classes with Lingobility are going well. I love my teacher Isabelle. She is very patient and professional and is always smiling. I have made a lot of progress so far and I look forward to continuing my lessons with her!"

David Hamel, Senior Production Artist, 2022

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