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Learn English, French, and other languages online!

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Language learning that's innovative and refreshing. 

We're language nerds. Let's be nerds together and communicate better than ever.

Our clients appreciate us.

Don't just take our word for it. Take theirs!

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5-star average on Google & Facebook

"It's very nice working with them as a business! All our employees have fun talking and interacting with Lingobility's teachers in English and French. The owner is very proactive, and he always makes sure that everything's running well on our end! I totally recommend them."

Je n’ai que de bonnes choses à dire relativement à mes cours d’anglais avec Eric et Rebecca. Étant francophone et ayant travaillé exclusivement en français pendant plusieurs mois, je ressentais le besoin de prendre des cours pour me remettre à niveau. Les cours virtuels individuels et sur-mesure étaient exactement ce que je recherchais. Je recommande Lingobility sans hésitation. Merci ! 

J’ai beaucoup apprécié mon cours d’anglais suivi à l’automne 2021 avec Lingobility. D’abord nous étions un petit groupe avec Isabelle, notre professeure très compétente qui a su établir un climat harmonieux et stimulant. J’ai pu ainsi améliorer ma conversation anglaise, mon vocabulaire, ma grammaire et l’usage d’expressions courantes. Isabelle pouvait nous enseigner la bonne prononciation et nous donner la rétroaction nécessaire pour nous améliorer. J’ai vraiment améliorer mon anglais et surtout la confiance d’oser le parler davantage. Je vous le recommande sans réserve!


Audrey Desgagnes, Head of People, Oxio, 2021

Simon Domingue,

Avocat, 2022

Lise Roy, 2021

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Eric Gellert, Lingobility's founder

About Us

Whether you are a business person, a student, or even a traveler, communicating more effectively in both your native-language and a second language can be key to your success

Our qualified, professional, and experienced teachers are loved by our clients for their enthusiasm in helping every student reach their language improvement goals. 

Eric Gellert, the founder of Lingobility, is a passionate language school director, teacher, writer, and grammar nerd. Early on in his teaching career, Eric developed a unique and creative approach to English lessons, one that centered his students' immediate needs, as opposed to a traditional one-size-fits-all style, which tends to proceed from one chapter of a book to another. Eric was then driven to create a new kind of language school inspired by this emphasis on customized learning.

Lingobility specializes in innovative online English instruction, such as interactive whiteboarding, helping employees communicate more effectively and efficiently in English, French, and other languages.

Trusted by teams big and small.

Language Fun!

On social media, we enjoy posting and sharing fun info about language learning. Here are a few samples:

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