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Second Language Learning Improves Brain Health

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

A fascinating article from Knowable Magazine titled How a Second Language Can Boost the Brain, written by Ramin Skibba, outlines that learning a second language has many benefits for our brain, including potentially delaying the onset of Alzheimer's!

As a language school founder who is also studying everyday to improve my French, I love the extra boost in motivation that this article gives me.

Plus, it's encouraging news for our English and French students, who benefit from Lingobility's lessons not only by communicating more effectively at work, but also, evidently, in terms of their long-term cognitive well-being.

"We know from studies that starting at the age of about 25, your brain starts to decline, in terms of working memory, efficiency, processing speed, those kinds of things. As you age, these declines become steeper. The argument is that as we get into older age, bilingualism puts the brakes on and makes that decline less steep. Evidence from older adults is the strongest kind supporting a bilingual advantage."

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